Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Beautiful Hot August Day

So far this fall it's been quite mild and we've had plenty of rainfall. The colors have been beautiful, the horses are putting on their woolies and the mud is aplenty. I can hardly believe that we're almost 2/3 of the way through fall; it's almost Thanksgiving and winter is right around the corner. I guess I must be getting old because the time sure does fly anymore, and I fondly remember my mom telling me that "the older you get, the faster time flies". She really did know what she was talking about. Funny how that happens.

This past summer was such a whirlwind of activities that I hardly had time to post anything at all on my blog, and I really don't want to forget any of the wonderful memories that were created. One of the main reasons I started this blog was to keep a journal of our daily lives and have a source to look back through and remember.

This post is about one day in particular that I will remember with a special fondness, and I want to treasure it always and keep it fresh in my thoughts.

It was an exceptionally hot, sultry day on August 1, 2009 and the sunrise that morning was amazing...

The fields were ripe and dry from the heat we'd been experiencing over the last several weeks. Summer had arrived in all its' magical glory and I gave thanks for having risen in time to take in the magnificent sunrise that we'd been blessed with.

My best childhood friend's daughter was getting married today. Kelly and I had grown up together and were neighbors and were both instilled with the wondrous love of horses, and the tenacity to get what we wanted the most in life. We spent countless long, summer days riding our horses until darkness forced us back home. Wonderful, precious memories and to this day, a cherished friend.
Today was Brittney's wedding day.
How adorable are these little girls?
Anne and Kelly are sisters. They are both beautiful women and I love them dearly. Anne is on the left and my wonderful friend Kelly is on the right. It just seems like yesterday that we were all kids. *sigh*

The wedding was held in Dale and Kelly's yard. Kelly did all the flowers for the wedding and they were gorgeous. Kelly has been in the business of flowers for almost as long as I can remember. She does flowers for weddings all the time and works as a florist for Safeway.

Here's my handsome honey wishing I'd stop sticking the camera in his face... have I mentioned that it was excruciatingly hot and humid; and that we were all positively melting from the heat? No!? Well, it was and we were!!

And here's Brittney. She was the most breathtakingly beautiful bride that I've ever seen! She is a lovely girl, inside and out.

It was such a tranquil setting for the wedding. Kelly's dad, Lee built this pergola and it was the perfect touch with the flowers.

Father and daughter dancing...for some reason, seeing the daughters with their dads always makes me cry. Poor Dale looks like he was about to pass out from the heat! I did notice that the jacket he was wearing didn't last long.

I think evening weddings are so nice. It must be a trend, because all three of the weddings we attended this past summer were held in the evening.

My camera focused on the fir branches instead of the couple, but I kind of like the hazy effect it gave the picture.

This was the bar. Notice what it's made of? Kelly's husband, Dale is a logger and he fell the tree and cut the flat top and finished it himself. It was absolutely beautiful! What a great idea! After summer was over, he donated it to a local tavern as their outside bar. Very cool idea.

First kiss as husband and wife. I didn't do such a great job of including the groom - it looked better through the lens.

Husband and wife - Tony and Brittney. This was such a pretty cake, but you know what? It tasted even better!! :)

First dance...always a tender moment.

Ooh la la !!

Brittney has always loved kids. All the children spent a fair amount of time dancing with the beautiful bride - they loved it!

Grandpa Lee dancing with his youngest (to date) granddaughter. This is one of Anne's daughters.
Uh oh!! What's happening here? The bride and groom are gettin' a little crazy!! I guess it's a good thing that's a very sturdy bar.

Weddings truly are one of my most favorite things. Everybody's happy, full of hope and looking forward to a wonderful future. It's also a great excuse to kick up your heels and have a little fun!! Now that's something we all need to do every once in a while...keeps a body young!!
Cheers everybody!!
Love the ones you're with...Cingspots


Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures of a wonderful wedding day. Those little girls are just too adorable. Glad that beautiful cake didn't melt in the heat.

fernvalley01 said...

Lokks liek it was a wonderful day spent with good friends! thanks for sharing

Gail said...

Beautiful photos and wonderful memories.

I loved the bar and would have kept it!

Growing Up A Country Girl said...

Thanks for visiting - this outside wedding looks like it was beautiful -- I love outdoor weddings!

That horse you are referring to in my header (the gray) is a mare now 22 yrs old...her sire is out of "Mighty Tim" - she is a tall girl and has been quite a horse in her day... I will have to do a story on her and my husband some time... Do you have some "Mighty Tim" breeding also?

Ace's breeding also goes back to Mighty Tim.

Thanks again for visiting..

Train Wreck said...

Oh I like the pine needle photo! Yum Wedding cake my favorite. There is just something that makes it taste so good. Looks like everyone had a fun time.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

That sky photo awesome....wedding beautiful! That bar....hubby would like that! You were very busy this summer...sounds like you had a great time with friends! Rain here again....makes cleaning stalls harder...with horses in them....I'll have to turn out one at a time and clean them....probably an all day affair!

Laura said...

Great photos - looks like it was a lovely wedding!

I'm missing those long, warm August days already! (not the bugs though!)

manker said...

mazeltov to the happy couple.. memories of magic you've captured

i who have enjoyed "most of my rides".. the ones i can remember... gazi sent me for an unforced dismount as well as an unplanned trip to the hospital.. all appears to be well now... thank the Heavenly Father

Carolynn said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this happy event with us.

Michelle said...

Now that is a lovely memory for sure! Gorgeous wedding, gorgeous hot day. I really could use some sun now too. Lol! Thank you so very much for coming over with your well wishes for all of us to get better. We are better now..Mocha is eating a lot and drinking, probably the steroids...and she is crankier than normal. Lol! Steroids, I'm sure. We are grateful for your wonderful thoughts!


Lots of love..

Michelle, Mocha, Quincy and Emma :)

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