Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Momma got a new toy!!!

Yippee!! Now I can be current like everybody else out there in Bloggerville!! No more uploading my photos to the laptop at home, creating a CD and then bringing it to work and uploading my pictures onto my blog using my computer at work. No sirree Bob (who is that anyway?), because as you can see...I just took this photo of my new little toy, stuck the card into my new little netbook and uploaded the photo directly onto my blog. Hot diggity dog!! Am I too cool for my boots or what!?

Sorry about the messy desk!!

And yes...just in case you were wondering...I can wear boots again. Yep - or any other pair of my shoes that my little ole heart desires. Real shoes! How totally exciting! Have I ever mentioned that I'm very easily pleased...and entertained ? NO??? Well, it's true - and I am. Very thankful too.

Yes, it's so true...about the little things being the most important things in life. *sigh* I am sooo very thankful that I can wear my shoes again, and ride, and walk, and squat down, and...so many other little things that I take for granted every single day, and forget to be thankful for. So...just for the record - right here and right now, I'll say it - I am thankful for my toes. Not to mention many, many other little things (some not so little) on this body that I am thankful for. I digress...might want to mention here that another personal little thing about me is that I get distracted rather easily too...nobody's perfect, right?

Onward and ever upward folks!

So, without further adeau, let's get to the pictures shall we?? This, amongst many other things is what I did this past weekend. Cruised around shooting photos of some more of my blessings.
Great fun!!

A very sleepy and obviously relaxed group of ponies...Siri on the left, then Harley sprawled in all his glory, Shad in the center, and Ladde on the right. Acting as resident "watch mare", is Kadie.
This is what I saw upon awakening yesterday morning. Sure put a smile on my face.

Sally and a couple of her crew...the pudtats.

The grand dame of our little herd...Frosted Siri L. She is a direct descendant "ghostwind mare".

My momma's most favorite flower - the Lilac. This bush is at bleast 20 feet tall and easily 4 times wider. Gorgeous!!! And no, it's not mine sadly.

My little studmuffin Harley. More formally known as Ahkunkenekoo. Can you say that with me? A little hint...it's the Nez Perce Indian name for the land above...you know, heaven.

Our other grand lady - Wag's Pride - Ladde's momma, my sweet Kadie.

Wish I could have gotten some better action shots of these two screwballs!!

My hubby's horse...Affermative Shadow, otherwise known as Shad. I just found out that his grandsire is the infamous Triple Crown winner...Affirmed. Cool! No wonder he runs so fast.

The one and only... who for whatever reason holds the key to my heart, Ladde. Formally known as Wagtail Ladde. My pride and joy!

This branch is very highly regarded by each and every one of the horses. You can't tell in this picture, bit it's rubbed as smooth as polished gold. Another one of those small, but infinitely important blessings for sure.

Harley's adorable butt. I just love this butt.

The llama dude..."Merlin's Magic". There's many names he goes by...
Here's to another wonderful week in the life...


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

If you had time to shoot that many photos last weeked, you had time to RIDE, you know! :-) Congrats on the laptop!

Kate said...

Great news on the computer front! And glad you're feeling better as well. The photos are wonderful - I'm sure now that you've got the computer all fitted out, we'll be seeing more of them!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Congratulations on your new toy! Love all the photos! Jeez, I wish I had grass like that for my horses!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad you got a new toy. Now it will be so much easier to upload those great photos!

Kathleen Coy said...

Yay, new toy! Anything to help you upload more pictures of your gorgeous animals. (I adore those little kittens!)

Carolynn said...

Hey! Excellent toy you have there. And, a very tidy desk, too, I might add.

Love the photos. You sure do have alot of wonderful horses and I'll bet those little kittens will be getting into trouble before too long. Cute, cute, cute.

Welcome back!

Kate said...

I also left you a response to your comment on my bit post, on my blog - thanks for commenting and stopping by!

Gail said...

How wonderful! I would love such a toy. The photos are great and now they are easy too. Wonderful news about your toes!

fernvalley01 said...

Great pics ,congrats on the new toy and the healthy toe!

Paint Girl said...

What a great new toy! I can't believe you had to take the cd to work and download! What a hassle! It'll be so nice to do it right from home!
The horses are looking beautiful!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

My daughter just got one of those and she loves it! Good for you!
I love all the photos of your herd, they look mighty fine. I have a soft spot for Appys as my main horse growing up was one. Dusty Buster was his name. Yours have such beautiful coloring and spots.....he was a darker bay with tiny white spots on his rump, a slight roman nose, smooth ride and broke to death. I loved him. Cute kittens too.

Melanie said...

Glad to see that you have been keeping busy while I have been away. :) Your new computer is the bomb!!!

Carolynn said...

Hey C-ing!

Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful and loving comment for me today. You didn't hurt my feelings with your 'gentle chide' earlier either. I appreciate your views and know that they come from a loving and caring heart.

BTW...I'm an Ingrid too. ;o)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lots of blessing you have, my friend. Be also blessed to have such amazingly lush green grass. Wow! Our grass is pale and choking for water. It shatters when we walk on it! gah!
Your horses (and llama dude, too) looks so happy and enjoying life there with you. It must make you happy seeing them so content every day.

I hear ya on the thankful for toes, too. I'm grateful for walking...any step I can make without crutches I am grateful for. Truly.
You are so right about not forgetting to appreciate all the small things. I need to do that more often.